Keidra  is smiling against a gray background.

Keidra Chaney

Disability Culture Lab
Senior Advisor

Keidra Chaney is currently at the forefront of digital communications and digital strategy in the nonprofit sector. Her goals and motivators are reflected in every stage of her multifaceted career. As a marketing professional, writer, and educator, Keidra endeavors to create equitable, just, and safe spaces for marginalized people. She achieves this goal through understanding via any and all modes of communication, by challenging perspectives, and ultimately providing information and services to those in need. Keidra currently works at National Network of Abortion Funds, and in her tenure, she has cultivated broad, yet overlapping skillsets and established herself as a leader in NFP digital marketing and strategy. A self-described “writer in a complicated relationship with the internet”, Keidra is also a pop culture critic. She is the founding publisher of The Learned Fangirl and founder of the TLF Freelance Emergency Fund for freelance writers. Her work with TLF centers around the goal of driving social change through critique of cultural/social norms in pop culture. Keidra’s writing has been featured in a multitude of publications including The Chicago Sun Times, Time Out, Paste Magazine, Camera Obscura; Facta Ficta: Journal of Theory, Narrative & Media; I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society; New Media & Society; Persona Studies; Suffolk University Law Review; University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform; She is a Disability Lead Fellow for their 2020 Institute, the only program in the country for emerging leaders with disabilities.

Arts and Culture, Civil Rights, Community Inclusion, Disability Rights, Technology
Arts and Culture, Marketing/Communications, Technology