COVID-19 Protocols for In Person Gatherings
As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities — and because there will be immunocompromised and medically vulnerable people in attendance — we need your help to create and maintain a safer environment for all. It is our collective responsibility to follow the following guidance and we appreciate your cooperation in advance. Staff will not be able to enforce these protocols so please keep yourself accountable.

For indoor spaces, masks are required for the entire event except when actively eating, drinking, or presenting.
For outdoor spaces, masks are optional.

Guests must be up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations unless medically exempt. If you're medically exempt, please take a COVID-19 antigen test within 24 hours of attending and only attend if your test is negative.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, are waiting for COVID-19 test results, have COVID-19 symptoms, feel sick or unwell, or have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is sick, please do not attend.

Masks, including clear masks, will be available at all Disability Lead hosted events. N95 masks are preferred. Please note that if we are in shared space including the lobby space, the elevator, and bathrooms, we may not be able to control those spaces and masking.

If you test positive for COVID-19 within 4 days following the event, please immediately contact Clare Killy ( We will notify all attendees if a case has been reported to us.

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