A group of people of different races, genders, and abilities casually navigate a hallway.
“The Membership plays an important role by bringing people with disabilities to the attention of people in power and making sure they have a fair shot.” — Kareem Dale

Membership is your ticket as established leaders with disabilities to move your leadership goals forward. Being part of the Network gives you access to:

A woman with blonde hair, medium-light toned skin, and a brown cardigan speaks into a microphone in a conference room.
  • A network of over 170 leaders with disabilities who are supporting each other’s leadership plans to lead at tables of power and influence
  • Networking events throughout the year
  • Mentors for civic engagement, leadership development, disability rights advocacy, and more
  • Opportunities to expand participation in civic engagement in the nonprofit and public sectors
  • Training sessions and materials on disability rights and civic engagement
  • Speaking opportunities on panels, facilitation, media interviews, etc.
  • Scholarships to relevant conferences or trainings
  • And more!
Two women sit by a window smiling at each other. One has long black braids, dark-toned skin, and a yellow puffy vest. The other has curly dark brown hair, dark-toned skin, and dangly diamond earrings.


of Members are people of color