Jae Jin is smiling. He has short brown hair. He is standing outside and is wearing sunglasses, a white turtleneck, and a black blazer.

Jae Jin Pak

UIC Institute on Disability and Human Development
Coordinator of Community Education

Jae Jin Pak is a social justice advocate, educator, and ally who identifies as an Asian immigrant with disabilities. His work includes gender-based violence, anti-trafficking prevention, mental health, disability, immigration justice, and anti-oppression. His core values of collaboration and recognizing intersectionality helped him build strong connections with communities and providers.

Jae Jin serves or served on the Statewide Independent Living Council of IL, Quality Care Board, Health & Human Services Taskforce, Access & Functional Needs Advisory Board of IEMA, Disability and Immigration Taskforce of IL, and The National Human Trafficking & Disability Working Group. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and an IL LEND Fellow.

Arts and Culture, Intersectionality, Policy and Advocacy, Photography
Program Development, Mental Health Trauma, Gender Based Violence