Dr. Elliott sits smiling in front of her bookcase. She is an African American woman with red lipstick on and has shoulder-length black hair. She wears a bright red blazer over a black top and has a chunky gold necklace around her neck.

Dr. Lisa Elliott

Soulutions Work, LLC

Dr. Lisa Elliott is the founder and principal of Soulutions Works, LLC. She has developed a knowledge base of experience throughout her tenure as an OD and Change Management consultant. Lisa focuses on behavioral and cultural change, strategic communications, diversity, equity and inclusion, and team alignment. She has a balanced perspective between an organization's functional and technical needs. She has worked to apply that balance in various industries, from aerospace and defense to environmental services. A resident of Chicago, Illinois, Lisa holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change from Fielding Graduate University.

Business, Employment, Disability
Marketing/Communications, Education, Organizational Development/Human Resources