Art  is smiling against a black window pane background. He is wearing a dark leather jacket, turtleneck, and glasses.

Art Sims

Legendary Broadcaster, Social Media Influencer, and Voiceover Artist

**Art Sims, affectionately known as "Chat Daddy," has entertained audiences via the radio, television, print, onstage and online for nearly 29 years. **

**Sims is a familiar and welcomed voice in many diverse communities in Chicago and around the world. Known for humor, quick wit, charming conversation, and amiable personality, "Chat Daddy" has traveled nationally and internationally, providing inspirational, educational, and vital information on developing and maintaining positive, sustainable relationships. **

Sims has received numerous awards and honors for his commitment to the growth of more positive relationships.

**Sims is the creator, executive producer, and host of The Real Chat Daddy Show, a nightly (Monday-Wednesday) digital media news and entertainment show streamed via various popular social media platforms. **

**The Real Chat Daddy Show was created in March 2020 and highlights local and national news, COVID-19 statistics, lifestyle stories, relationship advice, and celebrity interviews. **

**Sims is also the former executive producer and host of the highly successful nightly radio show Real Talk, Real People with Chat Daddy, heard globally on WVON 1690AM via iHeartRadio from 2015 until 2020. **

**Sims civic engagement and social involvement include 2019 Fellow & Ambassadorship with Disability Leads. **

**Sims has recently joined the Health Equity Advisory Committee for The American Heart Association of Metro Chicago. **

**Sims dominates all entertainment facets as an entertainer, talk show host, actor, writer, director, executive producer, philanthropist, activist, and cancer survivor. **

**His faith in God has been the driving force behind Sims’ many endeavors, guiding him through his many successes. **

Healthcare, Urban Planning and Policy, Culture
Marketing/Communications, Program Development, Public Relations